February 11, 2009

New Love

This being in love thing is something I'm not used to.
I haven't worked out all the kinks yet because our relationship is new.
At times I get frustrated, not really sure of what it is that I should do.
I'm aware that you are an addition to my life, and already my heart belongs to you.

So when I make you angry or you are confused as to why I behave in the way I do.
Communicate to me your concerns, so we can work through anything that we need to.
For you are special to be in more ways than I can express.
We shared our friendship first, so I have no secrets to confess.

At times I question why you would even want me to be a part of your existence.
We are different in so many ways, so I never thought anything other than a friendship would make sense.
Now I realize that a relationship is something that should never be predicted.
I think about our past, I didn't see this coming. I wonder if there was a sign and I missed it?

I'm happy. The smile that I show you is identical to the one that's displayed on my face every time I hear your voice.
Throughout my entire day, I'm unable to get you out of my head, and even if I could I wouldn't make that choice.
Sometimes I make you stay on the phone, content with just hearing you breathe.
Anticipating you calling me baby, and end of conversation you telling me that you love me.

Although I tell you I miss you at least three to four times a day, in my heart I don't feel that I'm telling you enough.
And when we're having a confrontation the reason why I try to give you space is because I don't want you to leave me because things get rough.

It's kind of corny and I know you're not one of those romantic love heroes that I read about.
But when I read those love books, and the damsel in distress talks about how she feels about her prince charming, I finally know what she's talking about.

The love I feel for you pumps through my entire body and the shine I've worn for the last couple of months I wear because of you.
I'm hoping that what we share is something special. Because truly I know I'm falling in love with you.