October 16, 2008


Eyes are wide with amazement, a black man walks through the door dressed in suit and tie
Black women cry, white man nod in approval, the acknowledgement of 11% ahead, some sigh
The vote, the importance of practicing this right granted after segregation
The media covers the importance of taking part in choosing who will run our nation

Democrats vote for the their new trophy, the new symbol for change, the right of passage, finally equal opportunity exists
But how long will he survive, is the United States of America really ready for a non Caucasian president?
The risk, assassination to a completely different level, haters lurk the streets and the airways
After 9-11, all scared of Saddam Hussein, worried about bombs on planes, will the next terrorist attack happen today?

November 4th, submit my ballot, aware of new voting laws, no Obama paraphernalia at the polls, my vote does count
And as bad as I want to say that I want my president to be Mr. Barack, my prayers reach further to say please sir watch out
The polls, identical to election of 2004 when so many African American votes thrown out the door
Baby Bush, a conspiracy, no dirt, It's all in who you know, the republican campaign fight for war

Is it worth it? Run a nation, alert to all surroundings constantly looking behind your back
Held a dream all your life, that you were going to be the first US black president, so close to becoming fact
New hero for all minorities that feel like they don't belong, the impossible made possible, a new reality
A new standard, set for citizens of America, a black man running this country finally


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that was hot

Sun of Man said...

Loving This Piece Right Here Filled With Truth I am A Fan Already...

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