June 19, 2008


Sitting on the couch, chilling watching a little TV
Played a little scrabble, had to be at work by 3
Tight tummy full sealed with some tree
Never gave a second thought or glance in reference to me

Months go by randomly I hit this man up
For no particular reason just to say what's up
Immediately conversation starts flowing
And even though I can't see him I can tell by his voice that's he's glowing

Incredible conversation sparks interest and curiosity
Numerous similarities, both majoring in psychology
Identical zodiac, what's the chances of that?
Him messing with a younger woman, about as slim as that

Up till midnight talking on the phone
Young in age, but in every shape and form I'm grown
A competitive individual that seeks happiness
A full package with intention to never settle for less

A good head on my shoulders though I never follow the rules
I seek to make myself better taking advantage of all my tools
Wanting now to get to know your entire story
Hoping I will be introduced to excellence in every category

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