June 13, 2008


It's been a minute since I picked up my pen
Been distracted, but that has come to an end
Again I've made the mistake, I said I would never make again
I can't help that I've had the pleaseure to meet dumbass number 10

Of course at the begining shit seems all good
The man acts right and does all the things he should
But than eventually the truth comes out
Eventually you find out what the dude is really about

I wish I would have peeped the game at the beggining, that would have been nice
Known that all the good things he did for me all eventually came with a price
Seems to be a good catch, cute, no kids, legit job, own car
But even with these good qualities we still didn't get very far

The first girl in 6 years introduced to his mother
Now I know he's a liar, so was that a lie too, I wonder?
He said his roomate was Mike Vick in college at V-Tech
Probaly lied about that too, what the heck?

I just don't have time to even figure out what it is that you have to contribute
Even your niggas told me that the last few bitches you juiced them for loot
6 months and truly a waste of my time
Our entire relationship resides on a lie

The one thing you told me the truth about was that you weren't ready to be in a relationship
But I'm feeling some type of way, at this point I can't figure out if I even want a friendship
No hard feelings, I wish you the best
One mistake I won't ever make is settling for less

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