August 04, 2008


It's crazy because it's been a minute since I'd last seen your face
But even now I can remember everything even your scent and the way you taste
I hate to say it but over time I realize what you said was true
That even after our relationship there is new bullshit I must go through

In all honesty I can't even describe how much misery and pain you brought into my life
But even after all you've done I still think how things would have been as your wife
We talked about it a lot and I wanted so badly to officially be yours
But it was so hard for me to except that you had a 4 year old, 3 and 2 year old and a baby 2 months old

You lied to me at the beginning and I still stuck by you everyday
And even though I knew It was crazy I loved you in every type of way
The love we share I know is one of a kind
You have admitted to be my soul mate, and its stuck in my mind

In reality we will probaly never be together ever again
But I feel good knowing that the love you have for me will never end
You told me that you get week in my presence and I feel the same exact way
Which is why since I've seen you I've thought about you every fucking day.

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