April 16, 2008


I'm your babymom the mother of your babygirl
Established a sturdy position in the center of your world
Doing what I can to play the role you want me to play
But lately I'm confused b/c that role changes day to day

How am I supposed to know what exactly it is you want me to do
If when I tell you what it is you maintain your attitude
Shit for me is hard, and I know at times for you its bad
But the fact that you take things out on me makes me very mad

What am I to do to get you to understand?
Not only are you my friend but I love you as my man
The first time in forever I'm questioning our relationship
And in all actuality I'm questioning my commitment

Finding an out, content with conversation
Clicking with another dude has captured me with amazement
I love you in everyway as I have always done before
But in my heart I know that I deserve so much more

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