October 15, 2008


Couped up in the corner, feeling revengeful in the containment of my own bars
Choosing to stay alone, in the absence of my surroundings, shielding my audience from all the scars
In reality the demonstration of my day to day agenda may be camuflaged from my dreams that do exist
Without loosing hope I indulage myself in what many consider personal nonsence

To make a mockery of my current situation adds value to my existance
Minimizing illusions of unrelated circumstances only brings truth to what is realistic
Maturity arrises, self assurance reaches a new level as time pasts and new centuries arrive
With no responsibility of inner circle souls, I seek no one but shield thy own cries

Few will ever understand why I devour challenges thrown my way
Leaning on no one, standing independent, solo and sturdy every day
To magnify little obstacles as a life changing metemorphsis makes an ordinary event an unimaginable experience
Daydreaming of the unheard and unnoticed, collaborating by myself
to make the blind see a physical appearence

Anything is possible and day to day I find new evidence for the knowledge that I do withhold
Guilty of encapsulation of mental stimulation that I choose to forever remain unknown
Few seek or rather appreciate the brilliance of one's mind
My thoughts, my mental translation a detective will never find

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