October 14, 2008


Probaly the best birthday present I've received in a long time
Introduced to my sister I never knew I had, but now after 23 years she's all mine
My father a baby factory specializing in the production of girls
Yet the bastard managed to escape from all of our worlds

So now we're older and plenty of time has gone by
No need to dwell on the past, we will make up for lost time
The relationship we share now never existed before
I will work hard to maintain this friendship because I want so much more

I want us to be close, I believe she is the best friend I never met.
Now that she's in my life she is a fixture I won't ever forget
I'm grateful to get to know her, and am excited about what the future will bring
I look forward to meeting her, chilling, hanging out and everything

We have the same father, different mothers yet we still are a lot alike in a lot of ways
Which is crazy, five states away yet so many similarities
A quarter pounder, chinky eyes, wanting to succeed.
My sister finding me makes me feel so much more complete.


Ashley Johnson said...

Everything happens in God's timing. At 26 years old, I am SO excited to start this new chapter.

your big sis ashley

Tia's Real Talk said...

Wow, I am sooooooo happy I stumbled upon your blog. Big sis is right. It's all in God's timing. I too found out that my absentee father had a daughter 9yrs old when my mom was pregnant with me. Oh and not to menton a wife...Terrible huh? He had a secret life my mom knew nothing about. I often wanted to find him just to see my sibblings, but I dont want to reck his home. Not like he cared about mine. But I dont want to pull any bones out of the closet. His family has no clue I even exsist. So I guess I'll keep it that way and continue to wonder. Thanks for sharing and you two continue to catch up on lost times. Its never too late.

Great post!