September 18, 2008


Though time goes by and it may seem that I do not appreciate everything that you do.
Please realize that this is not the case, most of the time the only person I can depend on is you.
So yes my tattoos may make you wonder, what kind of daughter did you raise?
And yes the 12 years of private school will benefit my future days.

And in the end I have you to thank, for making me who I am today.
While you are disappointed in my actions, all I can do is pray.
That eventually one day you will be able to understand that I can only live to be me.
I have to be independent and experience my life even though you don't agree.

I listen to everything you tell me, though I may not practice everything that you preach.
Doesn't mean stop telling me what I don't want to hear, I need you here to teach.
I know I'm hard headed, I know I'm ungrateful, I know I only think of myself.
I also know how to ignore what you're saying and pretend you're talking to somebody else.

Now that I'm older, even as an adult I'm still sensitive to your view.
But you also taught me to be strong, so the strength I have, I got it from you.
Being unique and independent, is also something else you taught me to be.
So even at times when I piss you off, I know one day you'll be proud of me.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

moms are the shit
i can understand
u are grown but yet still her child

Don said...

You are sweet with the prose. I don't know of a mother who wouldn't become watery-eyed after reading.

Good stuff.