September 12, 2008


Even though I know that I should have completely shut you out of my life.
There's a part of me that wants your friendship and for things to be allright.
It hurts inside to know that you are not the person that I grew to love.
But I know there's a reason you're in my life understood by the man above.

I get angry thinking about the perception of you in my fantasy that never came true.
I get even angrier thinking that my everything at one time turned out to be you.
But over time I learn to ignore and take steps farther away.
And when my heart has healed, I'll confront you once again someday.

For now let our bygones be bygones, and let this space between us remain.
There's no need to contact me. You've won. I'm done playing your childish games.
And over time when you think about me, and want to express the love that you still hold.
Keep it to yourself and meditate about who I used to be, and she is who you should have told.

Now that you've used every drip of my patience, and have taken advange of everything I chose to give.
I've moved on with my life, seperated what I want; from what I need, and have begun again to live.
You are an experience that has forced me to recognize the real from the untrue.
I'm no longer angry, because atleast I've become stronger all because of you.

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

every drip of my patience now thats allegory

have a gr8 weekend