September 16, 2008


'I ain't no girl', my little soldier feels that he got to prove himself.
At only three years old my son is already a mess.
I love my baby boy from the bottom of my heart.
As he gets older more often than ever I got to tear his little ass apart.

Thinking he grown, he done stepped to me at least twice.
Being a black woman, of course he paid the price.
Sometimes he forgets how far it is that he can go.
I remind him with the quickness, yes you already know.

At a tender age of three my son surprises me everyday.
My saddest moment is when my son has to go away.
The separation for two weeks is a break but a misery in one.
Because it just doesn't feel normal when I don't have my son.

When I look at him I can only smile, that's my little man.
I will forever be his hero, and together we will stand.
With God in our lives, there will always be a way.
Which is why I teach my son, to pray each and every day.


The Love Collective said...

Cool blog! Just showing love.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u already know
u need to put a book together