September 16, 2008


This single mom shit, working my ass off every single day.
Has been so exhausting and I need your help in a physical way.
I talk a lot about not needing you, and in fact you can be replaced.
But in reality, this is your son, so indeed this is your space.

I work hard, to do what I can, to provide your son with the best.
What I would do to go back in time, I wouldn't be alone handling this mess.
I'm not saying that I wouldn't have given birth to the most precious gift to me.
What I'm saying is that we would be together, currently I would be on your team.

To think that you've moved on, and now taking care of a family not of your own.
It's hard for me to understand, so I know its even harder for a three year old.
I've made the bed I lay in each and every night.
That's why I don't bitch or complain, you already know that this shit aint right.

And when time goes by, and he gets older, my son will know who loves him the best.
Not to say that you don't love him, but as a child you settled for less.
When you were with me, you were my man that took care of his responsibilities.
Now you let a woman take care of your lazy ass, its only the beginning of your miseries.

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