September 16, 2008


So you miss me and you are ready to do what it takes to get me back.
You are ready to act right, tired of the below the waist attacks.
You can't live life knowing that I no longer want to be your friend.
And you feel kind of lousy knowing that you are the reason for our end.

So time has gone by though I'm not sure if you have learned your lesson.
In fact I'm not sure if your presence is my curse or my blessing.
I think hard with my brain, scared my heart will lead me in the wrong direction.
Learning to be patient waiting for happiness, not settling for temporary satisfaction.

Although so badly I want to be held again in your arms each and every night.
I have to be strong knowing that pretty soon we'll only fuss and fight.
Everything always seems so good at the beginning but in reality we will never go back to what we used to be.
Which is why I have to continue to run, I can't let the infatuation grab a hold of me.

You are very important to me. And though you don't believe me, my love will always remain.
I think about you constantly, and I only fall back because I'm driving myself insane.
You spoiled me with the possibility and a model of who it is that you can really be.
And when I see that person again, that's when I'll know you are ready for me.

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