April 10, 2008


With a gun to my head I been told to strip
Hide my 3 week baby in a shoe box looking directly at his clip
I gave him his passy hoping that he would sleep right through this
Praying to God that if this dude pulled the trigger he would miss

I'm not ready to go from this world, I just gave birth to my son
But if you need to take a life, take mine, because his has just begun
I pushed my son further up under the bed
Praying to God that this man would not shoot me in my head

I don't know where the drugs are so there's nothing for me to offer in return
For both my life and the life of my son, this is something we don't deserve
But again like I said before let me know what I can do to make this all go away
So here are my clothes, I'm naked and there's nothing for me to say

But please spare my life, And my son is to young to know
I know that you are twisted, but my son, he's 3 weeks old
The man took my clothes and ran from the house as fast as could be
I lifted my son from underneath the bed and held him as tight as I could to me

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