April 10, 2008


I respect the fact that you feeling me and I do think about us in a lot of ways
But than at the same time I think about all the stuff I been through in all my past days
To be honest and to be real I don't know what our future holds
It would be nice to think that together we can grow

It might not seem like I'm putting forth an effort as much as an effort as you
The only reason is because here in Va I have a lot I"m going through
You don't live here so it's hard for you to relate to the things that I'm referring to
And to be honest I don't really communicate when I know there's nothing you can do

So to answer your question referencing what exactly we can become
I can't answer at this moment because our friendship has just begun
In the past I've rushed a lot of things and I want to be careful and move slow
I do want to get to know you and I want to learn everything there is to know

You're older than me so I know to you this might not be exactly want you want
But its the only direction I choose to head in and this is me being blunt
But by no means am I saying that with you I just want to be your friend
But I would rather for us to build a friendship first before working towards my dreams

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