April 10, 2008


You are becoming very important to me very fast
I"m trying to look forward to the future and say goodbye to my past
I can honestly say that you are of no comparison to any one else I've been with before
Which makes me eager and curious as to what the future holds

So now I wonder what it is that has me feeling this type of way
Why the urge to play games has already faded away?
Why in my mind I want you in so many ways that I can't explain?
And why you constantly stay on my mind each and every day?

It's not a too good to be true situation because over and over I don't know what to do
When you make me angry and cause me to have a bad attitude
But than its frustrating that when you look at me all the anger disappears I forget
And for strange reason I start believing that you arrived for me, as if this was heavenly sent

But at the same time I have to put up my wall and remain cool at all times
It's no way I can be with a man that constantly only has his pride on his mind
That pride shit really gets in the way, I guess furthermore I will hold on for the ride
Unable to give to you my entire self instead I'll wait till you try

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