April 10, 2008


Never thought you would try to get over on me
But now that money is involved we'll see
I put you on a pedestal which was the wrong thing to do
Gave me the opportunity to expect different shit from you

But than again now I'm believing that all dudes are the same
The only thing different about you is your mother fucking name
You tell me your different and in the future you will show me what is true
But that's not necessary I realize you a typical lame ass dude

Give you dough to show you that I don't mind being there for you at all times
And even then I get shitted on, and you constantly tell your lies
I'm still waiting for what you owe me since 4 days ago
If you don't have it that all you had to say fa sho

But instead you decide to front on me like I'm one of your duck ass birds
To think that you'd think to compare me to any of those hoes is truly absurd
Later down the line you'll realize that you really fucked up
I was a down chick that would have stuck by you no matter what

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