April 10, 2008

Trouble Bubble

My head is congested I can't fucking breath
Right now I need a blunt, please pass me the trees
Or maybe I need a shot to make this all go away
Knowing once I'm sober I'll still have to deal with this today

Getting up off my butt to take care of business
Going to work early another ass to kiss
Try to be nice to baby daddy, maybe soon he'll send some dough
Knowing that really he probably won't, so all this stress is going to grow

I let him get to me just like I do my moms
Lately the only relief I have is rapping to instrumental songs
My son wants this and that and as his Mommy I got to get it
Never admit I'm on my last dollar, because truly I already spent it

But there is always someone there for you, no one will let me struggle
As if life was so sweet, where is my glass bubble?
Look into my walls squint hard and you still will never see
Or ever relate to all these things that keep stressing me

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