August 04, 2008


She's not your girl but that's your boo.
You changed your number and gave it to your crew.
I'm busting my ass trying to figure out what's going on.
Not knowing if you're locked up, my heart's already torn.

I really shouldn't care if you was serving some time.
But when I say that aloud, I know I'm lying.
Like I've told you we've had a bumpy ride.
I can remember several nights I went to bed and cried.

I thought you were kind of crazy because of the things you used to do.
Not knowing that men do things when they are in love with you.
I know you care about me and you check on me through other people.
What you do not know is the love I had for you has gotten even deeper.

I can't express to you how deeply I truly feel.
In some ways I want to work it out but I already know the deal.
To tell you that you will never have me all to yourself was true.
But its only because of the constant heartache that I still have for you.

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