August 27, 2008


I'm not shy but I really don't want to share.
I don't find any excitement in a chick pulling my hair.
I look forward to being hit by behind by a manly thrusting.
Not curious to differentiate between a male or female tonguing.

I myself feel like I'm so much of a fulfillment I don't need anyone to go behind me to finish my work.
When I put it on my man, I conquer what's mine, he has no reason to wander under any new woman's skirt.
When he says my name he says it loud and clear, pronouncing each and every syllable down to the s.
I know I do a good job because when I'm done, he falls a sleep in my wetness.

And the next morning when I should be in the kitchen cooking eggs and bacon.
My man is in the kitchen thinking of the 3 meals he will prepare to thank me.
I get a gold star for effort and a gold metal for expertise.
How does it feel to wake up every morning by a man down on his knees?

I could never imagine a woman taking his place.
I could never imagine waking up to a woman's face.
I like a manly man with manly arms, holding me all night in a manly way.
I will never share a man with any woman, except maybe one time, before my wedding day.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

whats yours and the MIND as well im certain

happy 45th

Don said...

perfect piece.

love how you set the tone in the beginning and left the door open in the end.