August 20, 2008


Call me stingy but I'm reserving my pussy moving forward.
I know it won't be easy, I'll be putting myself through torture.
I love sex to death, but no longer will I base a friendship on how many times you make me cum.
Nor will I spend so much time thinking about the next time you gone give me some.

If I'm woman enough to solo take care of the lives of me and my son.
Than I should be strong enough of a woman to make it through the spell of a dry run.
Choosing to eliminate the burden of a hard dick.
Only now will I enjoy the satisfaction of a good lick.

It's hard to decipher a man's mentality from the actions that are shown.
But pussy is on a man's mind whether he's 22 or 40 years old.
I'm just so damn tired of hearing the same old bullshit.
We both adults be real is it that you just want to hit.

Why play games? Be honest. Sex is only an action verb, even though it sounds so sweet.
But moving forward I'll hide my sweet tooth, I'm now allergic to that treat.
No more booty calls. I will enjoy a full night of rest.
So if all you want is some ass, you can move on and settle for less.


Don said...


One of the best blog post that I have ever read. Your words left me completely floored. I've heard a woman tell me the same, but not as poignant as you put it.

How often do you blog? I need to add you to my minus the bars blogroll. You're awesome.

*Mz.Tae* said...

I absolutely love this poem!! My name is Tae and I'm a young poet myself. I would like to work with you online because I am in the process of publishing a book of poems as well. Please e-mail me and Great work....

Muze said...

loves it. lol.

and the title.


mine is on reserve too, girl.

ms kitty took a damn vacation a while ago though. lol.

ah well.