August 27, 2008


When you slide it in my temperature hits at least 100 degrees.
Is it because I still love or have I been anticipating this for too long in my dreams?
Your chocolate swirl deep in my peppermint patty.
The thick sweet icing oozing out of my laughy-taffy.

Damn, I've been waiting, it's been so long but it feels so fucking good.
My legs are spread, my walls are open stretching to swallow your wood.
Home sweet home, as always I put that smile on Daddy's face.
Like habit my tongue no longer needs directions to find your special place.

Bodies twined into one, my legs made into pretzels and semi-circles.
Trying new positions, makes me horny, also wearing lingerie especially purple.
Talking dirty also makes me freaky, I know I'm a nymph at heart.
That's why I feel like I'm going through withdrawal when I keep your dick and my pussy apart.

No I'm no longer your bust it baby, this is completely on my terms.
In fact you can shut the fuck up while we fucking,
I know longer want to hear your words.
You telling me you still love me, why even waste your fucking time.
Close your eyes and squeeze me, let the milky-ness below my waste relax your mind.

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Don said...

It's just.not.fair.