August 18, 2008


"Mommy I already did one more week?" My baby is ready to come home.
It's hard for him to understand because he's only 3 years old.
Mommy and Daddy aren't together, so instead of one house you have two.
But from the voice of my child I hear "Mommy I want to be with you."

In takes everything in me not to drop everything I'm doing, drive all the way to Jersey to pick up my baby.
I know I can't do that, because if I do, shit between me and the baby daddy will definitely get crazy.
Those days are over, I try to keep it chill even though I can't go a whole week with out wanting to slap his ass for real.
So until the time is right, I call continuously to make sure he's alright, even in his voice I can tell how he feels.

I tell him Mommy misses you I love you so much. He tells me that he misses me too.
It hurts so much in the pit of my gut for him to say Mommy I want to be with you.
It's unfair at age 3 he has to be passed back and forth between NJ and V-A.
Everyone tells me that he'll adjust soon, but I don't think he'll ever see that day.

Eventually he'll be older and to him I know through his eyes this is unfair.
I wish that he didn't have to experience the separation, but in reality it'll always be there.
So all I can do is wait till my week finally arrives.
Where I can hold my baby again and no longer listen to his cries.

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