August 27, 2008


You are the new first lady of his kingdom, tat of his name displayed on your back.
You are one of many with the identical permanent label above your crack.
So I'm guessing you did this to prove to him that you want to be the leading lady of his life.
In some stupid twisted way you display, he should choose you to be his wife.

Well what you tell me is true, I am the woman of his past.
But everyone knows, every baby daddy when it comes to his baby mama, thinks he can get a piece of ass.
So when you spend so much time trying to figure out what's going on, and whether love still exists.
Know that every time you piss him off, I am she he will always miss.

Realize that I'm not with him by choice, and if I wanted him he would be mine.
Use your brain ma, you yourself knows he constantly lies.
I remember when I was in your shoes, when I used to create excuses for the things that he do.
How I tried to convince myself to follow my heart, and ignore my brain, I know how it feels to be you.

I will always be the mother of his first and only child, so always remember that.
To be real, I'm not going anywhere, I'm a permanent fixture for a matter of fact.
Physically he is in my memory, but the emotions have been gone for a long time.
You can try to create as much drama as you can,
but MY baby daddy is all mine.

1 comment:

Don said...

Now why can't my baby mama think and act like this? *deep sigh*