August 04, 2008


A damn shame a grown ass man yet u truly aint shit
And now all your hoes know that you was only in it to hit
So now the hard part is over and now its your turn to pay
Eventually you will realize what I did, you might not understand today

But I'm not over how disgusting and triffling you turned out to be
How can you have sex with your cousin, yo thats really nasty
I'm parading you around like you the shit but in reality you were only a dog
And you in my face honestly feeling like you didn't do anything wrong

Are you sick? Do you have an illness tell me whats the case.
How do you look me in my eyes and lie to face?
It's crazy but you do it..and you did it for months.
I don't believe you did it only because I messed up.

A hicky does not compare to what it is that you did.
But believe me when all of this is over I am going to win.
Your friends are right you are messing with a different type of breed.
Now you will see the viscious bitch that I can be.

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