March 04, 2008

10 Minutes

Overtime I've come to realize
that things are different even for the same crime
depending on the shade of your skin and whether you have brown or blue eyes
the milky-ness of your skin qualifies the punishment that will apply
while a black man serves 5 years in jail a white man gets probation for his crime
whatever happened to providing evidence as proof
and having eyewitnesses that actually tell the truth
with crime stoppers offering rewards and crooked cops offering deals
it's impossible to distinguish a snitch with someone that is real
and than why the sudden rush to close an open case
why is it so bad for a trial to move at a manageable pace
when a murder case arrives
and a woman dies
its a day in a half to give a black man life
but than it takes 2 years to give three years to a white man that killed his kids and wife

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