March 07, 2008


My pride my joy the love of my life
A loving mother, sister, grandmother and wife
The matriarch of our family she’s always there
To show us her love and how much she cares

There to talk to when things get tough
A listening ear when things are rough
Grateful to God each night I pray
That my grandmother is here to see me day to day

I give her her first great grandson, and now I’m happy
Because she gets to see him grow up smiling and laughing
Infact she is the reason that I am blessed with my bundle and joy
I’m so thankful for this and so much more

You are my hero and I love you a lot
I know you love me too and will be there no matter what
So this Christmas I just wanted you to know
That I’m blessed just to have you, and I wanted to tell you so


Perfect Mess said...

A beautiful Tribute of love.

Don said...

co-sign your sentiments towards your grandmother.