March 04, 2008


I wish I were you.
You are pretty and smart, plus I look up to everything you do.

Are you serious? You can't imagine everything I've been through.
Exactly, but you are smart, and caring and on top of that a good mother just to name a few.
I hear you, but wouldn't you prefer a life that had more to offer.
There's no money in the world, that'll convince to be anything other than wanting to be your child's father.
I admire you in numerous ways, but again I don't expect you to understand.
All I can do is tell you what my heart has to offer in hopes that you'll want me as your man.
I realize you are a good woman, and you should be treated that way
But I realize that God wouldn't give me anything I can't handle today
But why did he choose you rather than someone else
In many ways God just shows us that we're blessed
I know sometimes I wonder Damn God can you throw anything else in my pathway
And he does it proving to me that who am I to question him as if I decide my fate day to day
But you should never dream of withholding the life of some else
There is plenty of things that are hidden that you wouldn't be able to dream about
I myself concentrate on being me
And eventually you will be satisfied with yours believe me

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