March 04, 2008

DIFFERENT- 9/13/2007

It's kinda strange, how shit is, who would have thought we could be so open with each other
The day has come that I'm actually telling you about my nigga, and you telling me about your baby mother
I neva thought it would come to this point, because I've always wanted you to belong to me
But the separation has created a friendship that i appreciate and know that'll always be
I would be lying if I didn't admit that I think often of what we had in the past
Deep down I know you love me that'll never change and I know that it'll forever last.
But be fair to me and don't forget that I'll always have that piece of your heart.
You promised me that it would always be mine while we're together and when apart
As time goes by and I've experimented with all these stupid ass dudes
I always think back about how u schooled me in the ignorance of getting used
It's hard for me to accept the fact that there will be other women in your life
But for real I don't take none of these broads serious, and won't eva till they ya wife
Your wife. Do you think that'll happen? I can't honestly say I do
The day you come at me telling me that shit I will be very surprised of you.
It's like there are so many females and there is no one individual that will truly make you happy forever
To the point where you care enough to share your life and hold bountiful love that you can't even measure.
But know that you will always have my love but more importantly you are my friend
I know I once told you that'll never happen I couldn't be your friend in the end
But what I didn't realize is that this is not the end and for real who knows what the future holds.
There might one day be an us again but it all depends on the choices we chose.
God puts it out there and its up to us to make it happen if we really want to
But I know the timing has got to be right, and we got to decide if this is what we want to do
These men I mess with though hasn't had an impact that can compare to the one from you
Eventually you will see that no chick will eva come close
The satisfaction I would have provided you will never get from most.

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