March 21, 2008


I sit up sometimes remembering how shit used to be
We used to chill, stay up late, playing Playstation 3
Sometimes to be honest I'm still dreaming about you
And thinking about all the little shit we used to do

Wondering why such good things have to be all over
And why I didn't kill you when you made my eye swollen
And how I had to hide so that no one would ever know
Plaster a smile on my face praying that it wouldn't show

I'm so tired of working and you made stuff so easy for me
Which is why I tolerated it for so long, but now it seems
That your love wasn't worth it, my insides are bruised
These bruises hurt more than all of your physical abuse

I'm glad I'm strong and I learned so much
I've escaped your crazy ass and your painful touch
It's weird though, and its scary too
How a gentleman turned out to be a monster like you

1 comment:

Mahoganydymond said...

I've been there.... I got out almost 10 years ago..