March 05, 2008


I’m not hurt… okay; maybe a little bit, but I gotta maintain my swagger
A bit confused but to be for real it’s only because I don’t know what happened
I thought we was really feeling each other I mean ish was great
I really liked this dude, shit, felt right-- like it was fate

But than again you know how it be when anything is good it comes to end
This time though it was too fucking fast I mean this shit ain't even for real yet begin
And yo I was really calling this dude like more than once, yes several times
And then when he finally picks up the phone he says hi and than shortly there he go with his goodbyes

Convos that lasted forever now after like 2 to 3 minutes tops he’ll call me right back
Come on yo, you told me enough times Ma I’ma Call you right back
I believed you, Why? I don’t know but I know I’m not going to let you play me
So you know what I do I right you this message thinking does he care? Lets see…

So I go on bp and say what I need to say
Bullshit I know, but I’m thinking he gonna respond to dis ish today.
But he don’t, that little envelope marked read, but I don’t have no reply
Is you for real this dude read what I said, ain't say shit look at this guy

So I call him on some serious like yo we need to talk this shit out
He keeps it short but tells me he gotta fall back starting now
I’m buck but I’m calm and I say well its gravy you do you
Knowing damn well I was enjoying this nicca yo he gone be my boo

But than again was he ever, cuz now he stutten for real
I mean we talk as if we homies thinking this niggas trill
Why the sudden separation, sudden need to take shit slow
Maybe its that chick he was fucking wit maybe he ain't gonna really let her go

Okay shit I knew u was wit her once we started talking
But I thought we had an understanding that after Christmas that bird had to start walking
But its cool if you want her and you want it to work I wish u the best
I mean its on you its your choice if you willing to settle for less

But than again maybe he think we was just moving fast and stuff
I seen him only twice but it was like we couldn’t get enough
I mean we used to be on the phone till like 4 in the morning, without a cell but still hitting me up through out the day
But than all of a sudden it all stopped when you went out wit ya nigga dat day

Dat---nigga damn did you talk to him is that why shit changed
Probaly told you that you shouldn't’t call me from his phone…that’s why for real I don’t have time for playing games
I’m not going even try to figure out exactly why shit ended up how it is
But know that I was actually picturing us in the future in a couple of years.

I mean I know you gotta do you for now, I mean you trying to get big doing your thing
I understand that baby…so if that’s whats stopping you, than shit ain't had to change
But for real the point is I was feeling you and again I’m confused
Cuz foreal foreal on some foreal foreal I was really feeling you

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