March 04, 2008

THROUGH- 10/31/2007

I come seventh to your mother, your kids, your brothers, your sister, your 4 bm's and your shop
Now you expect me to come 8th, to your hustle, your struggle, your get-money grind gig with your pops
I can express how I feel repeatedly truth is that what I'm saying is not embedded in your head
But than again the issue might be that you are aware of what I'm saying truly not carrying about what I just said
I'm told I'm not doing what I'm supposed to do to keep my man around, and what I won't do another woman would
But I feel I'm holding my own, doing it solo and if he want it that bad maybe she should
So what is it I can do to keep my man happy to keep that smile plastered across his face
Is it to be submissive, I should pretend to be happy, and hold him down at least till his case
And than its the fact that he lied to me, yea I might of did the same once or twice
But we both agreed that we will work through our problems believing that its some stupid ass reason that I aint figured out yet, but its a reason you came in my life
So I've tolerated all this crap, and for real to be honest I'm embarrassed to verbalize all the bs you put me through
But I'm even more embarrassed to stand up here and say loud and clear BX yea ahh I still love you
Not that it matters, anymore..and after fucking with you I've come to the conclusion Love is for the birds.
And because its this intsy wintsy part of me that still got love for you I hope you hear these words.
It's over. Finally over. U happy mofo we done
I'm not picking up my phone, I'm not trying to see u, u got it mofo you've won
I'm tired of the fighting, I'm tired of your attitude and I've had enough of your accusations and shit
I got all of your voicemails and all of your text messages, I especially loved the one from that bitch
It's after the club it's 4am at an after party you know the one on Ironbridge the reggae jump-off that don't close till 6
flipping through my phone trying hard not to call, sipping on my corona not believing me and my nigga going through this
Yo this chick actually had the audacity to pick up my nigga phone and text me some off the wall crap
Going to tell me that he's hers now that she's going to please him for the night, I took a swig off my corona and laughed
Yo u petty little girl do what u do cuz for real I know he's mine, but if you a strong enough woman to handle my man u deserve his selfish trifling cheating ass
It takes a strong woman to put up with the crap that his ass has put me through
Nigga be parked outside my crib, come to my job, just cuz he guilty for fucking you
But this time is different I'm standing my ground I deserve better than you.
Pacman good ridens, kick rocks my nigga, no love lost and of course God bless.
Don't try to get at me later, not when you're horny and not when you realize what's gone you miss.

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