March 04, 2008

ALL ABOUT YOU- 9/20/2007

So I prayed to God- Lord, I'm getting kinda lonely please let someone enter my heart?
I need a nigga thats real, that can handle me, a nicca I'll love from the start.
The lord always answers your prayers, but I guess the timing just wasn't right
Because I fell in love with this nicca I found, but damn we always fuss and fight.
I prayed to the Lord again- Lord we stay fighten and arguing and its seems as if he's ready to give up?
The Lord responded by telling me you wanted love baby girl, some time sh-ts going to get rough
But give me a sign that I'm supposed to be here, how do I know that he's meant for me.
Soon you will see my child, I won't disappoint you please be patient just wait and see...
So I've waited and he answered my question that maybe you are not my soul mate, maybe there's someone else that you need in your life
But know that these last 2 months I only imagined and lived the dream of possibly one day becoming your wife.
But God made things clearer to me when you never wanted me around your mom, or your children, that little thing was the clue
The most important people in your life you would only want to introduce to those that are very close to you.
But still I loved you and still I wanted to hold on to what may never be.
And you proved that I was wasting my time when over-- a text message you broke up with me.
Why do you say that I complete you? I know you love me but tell me what that means
The woman who can answer that, is the one I will marry, for she is from my dreams....
That question you asked me that day I've been pondering on for a few
But now its of no importance, since I'm no longer officially with you
But do know that I did have an answer, and I'm going to tell you now in these words from my heart
Do know that what I'm saying is true, but I'll let you think about it now that we're apart
You say that its not really over and we will be back when the time is right, It's still all about tee
I might be young but I do know either we are together or we're not and b/c I'm of the past it's no way its truly bout me...
You were the ying to my yang, though not a perfect person I was learning to see
All your imperfections perfectly.
I couldn't fall asleep b/c reality was better than my dream
Knowing you were laying beside me safely is all I ever need
I pay my own bills and take care of my household with out the help of any man
As you schooled me to think to the future, I knew you were going to teach me to stand
You were my man sensitive to understand want I was going through as a woman but strong enough to keep me grounded when I needed to be
At that time you were my rock, you were forever going to stick beside me
The man I wanted to respect and knew was going to respect me in return
I felt that it was okay to be submissive to my fan, for which my body yearned
And even when you were taking care of your business and even when you were messy in your personal affairs
I felt you were worthy of my patience, even though you misunderstood it as nagging in your ears

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