March 19, 2008


So today is the day that I say I do
Have decided to make the commitment that I want to be with you
Forever is a long word so for now is fine
And if overtime things are good and I see that you try

I will choose to be the girl of your dreams
Have you wake up to a woman already on her knees
There to please you in any way you like
All smiles at all times with you no fights

No nagging no bitching you can always have your way
Dinner always cooked don't have to repeat what you say
Kids all clean and already in the bed
Your bath is waiting, I'm ready to massage your head

Just let me know when you are ready, right there I will be
To show you 19 ways why you should keep me
Submissive to my man in every way
As long as you take care of home and I wake up to you every day

1 comment:

Tabu said...

Another excellent write--I love this line

To show you 19 ways why you should keep me