March 07, 2008


My family stays together through thick and thin
We comfort when we loose, and fight when we win
We care about each other in a special way
And pray for each other every day

Through the years there have been times good and mad
Times when we are happy and times we are sad
Times we have been disappointed when things didn’t go our way
Times that we were embarrassed, and didn’t know what to say

Times when we were encouraged to make a better choice
And times we didn’t listen, but regretted to hear that voice
We look to the future, and wonder what it will bring
Will things stay consistent or will something else change

We aren’t very close, in fact some of us are far way
But in some shape and form we are there each and every day
I know I will always have someone if something was to happen to me
Because fortunately in my life I was blessed with a great family

Through sickness and health we will never part
The love that we share is something never torn apart
At times when we are angry and don’t know what to do
Just think about your family, there’s someone there for you

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