March 07, 2008


Babygirl, my mini me
Remind me so much of how I used to be
I’m so glad over time we’ve gotten so close
In many ways a little sister that I love the most

I know you get mad when you don’t see me a lot
I do be trying boo whether you believe me or not
But look you know how this goes
I’m always here to tell your secrets to even those that no one else knows

And when you have that feeling that no one ever understands
I’m here for you through that too if it’s dealing with family or even a man
And if you are ever in doubt and confused between right and wrong
Realize that I’m here to give you advice and encourage you to be strong

Amira, I love you and it scares me to see you grow
I realize that a lot of things that I’ve gone through, you will go through too I know
Even the tears that I’ve shed at that time I thought they were necessary
I want to hold those from you, and all your troubles I wish I could carry

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