March 04, 2008


A male reflection of myself
Laid back, Nonchalant, Could care less
Quiet, Disguised, blend in with the crowd
Unless I speak to him from his lips there is no sound
A little confusing and hard to read
Traveling solo most times without his team
Sometimes i think that he's attracted to me
But its hard to tell what it is that he sees
I can tell that we can chill and parlay all day
But eventually there's so much I want him to say
A brick wall is up and with help I might be able to knock it down
But in the past, it hasn't been worth it, especially if he doesn't stick around
I've been kind of distant trying not to fall in and start feeling this dude
Instead I communicate from afar, and this is what I choose
I want him to know that I want to get to know him in more ways than I can say
And maybe eventually I will verbalize it, if he hasn't figured it out today
He's mad chill, and I love his swagger
Dress is tight, never sagging
We haven't really chilled or really been one on one
He hasn't been to the crib or even met my son
There are reasons for everything we do
But maybe eventually, things will change, after I get to know you

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