March 19, 2008


My son wants to talk to his daddy and its pretty sad
I can't wait till he gets older, I'm going to be glad
When he can better understand exactly what's been done
And how his mother loves him the most, I might be the only one

Because in time, even not on time, several have turned their backs
My own sister told me I will be alone when good shit cracks
Because when shit is good and everything is okay
There are always those around that have so much to say

So much encouragement, the reminder of being on my side
But when the darkness comes and all good things aside
Times on my knees and times I cried
Times of loneliness, unwatchful eyes

The doubt of ever feeling good again fades away fast
All hopes of anything except encouragement hits with a crash
The lovingness of my heart and the fight to stay strong
Lives deep inside, even during times of both right and wrong

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