March 07, 2008

RIP Aunt Edith

The last memory I have of you is you sitting in your chair
Flipping the remote of your tv, my mother cornrowing your hair
Often times you used to baby-sit me and at the time I never knew
What a wonderful person you were and how there’s so much of me in you

You were always a strong woman and I’m happy I’ve had the time to enjoy
I want you to come back so I could have the opportunity to tell you so much more
So determined and your integrity, I could go on and on
And I still couldn’t describe all the qualities that you had in stored

Stubborn at times but most of the time you were right
You like things the way you liked them, and if they weren’t like that you’d fight
Funny how as I get older I’ve thought of you even though you passed away
Often wondering how things would be if you were still here today

Everything happens for a reason
Who knows if we will be here next season?
Live each day to the fullest, and don’t forget
To do what you feel is right, hopefully later you won’t regret

1 comment:

olubayo said...

thank you tavonya. that touched my heart. keep writing ... kudos to the artist in you. love, peace, and grace, donna