March 04, 2008

FOREVER- 5/30/2007

I know how it feels to be in love
but how do I know that this is the person that God sent for me from above
I mean how do I know with he
is whom I'm supposed to be with for all eternity
I always wonder when I will be in love again
I'm getting pretty comfortable living life with out a man
And than I think about how grateful that every guy I've been with really did treat me good
But still I always found something wrong, and in the end I always knew I would
If I could go back in time, are there some things I would change
Yes there are but I always speak the truth even if it is with rage
But I've learned that a lot of the time it's better to keep a lot of things inside
Because the truth can really hurt sometimes
Have you ever really liked someone, but u weren't in love as he
damn that was a bad feeling, yet no one else can see
Often I'm asked why i'm so stupid to get rid of the dudes that I have
but only I could understand that it just wasn't meant to be with the men in my past
Love i think is a wonderful feeling, but they say its not supposed to hurt my heart
I've never experienced unpainful love, b/c my heart always hurt when we part
but than again i wasn't satisfied when I had an easy life
He gave me what ever I wanted but the feelings were just not right
Don't get me wrong I appreciated everything that he did for me
But I need to be with someone on the same wavelength as me
I'm no longer looking for a man to feel a void for the season
I need someone that will last a lifetime and I can explain the reason
I'm grown now and yet I'm just tired of playing games
I have all this shit going for me and still can't find a man
I'm no longer in a search in hopes that one will just fall into my arms and eventually in my heart
One that I can be with forever in love, and love forever, because we will never part

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