March 07, 2008


Never experienced true love till I had my son
I’m currently running a race but I know I’ve already won
This little thing keeps me on my toes
He’s the apple of my eye and I think he already knows

When I get sad I look at my baby and I smile
He knows when mommy’s sad but he tells me I’m fine
And I know with a hug from him eventually I’ll be okay
According to my son I can kiss all his pain away

And when he’s sleep I think God for my gift
My son is my everything and to me he’s heavenly sent
This pure love I have will never go away
I only begin to love harder each and every day

When I ask my baby who is his best friend
He says my mommy and I know it’ll be to the end
As he grows before my eyes
I love my son more I know it and I can explain why

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