March 05, 2008


You said you was going to figure me out
Still waiting it’s like you not gone ever be able to tell what I’m really about
Cuz I sware when it seems like you finally get a clue
You be on some completely other shit, and than again I’m just that much confused when it comes to you

It’s like we be talking everything be all good cuz we getting closer as time goes by
But than the attention just stops—and you go on doing you, and than I think why even try
Believe it or not a lot of shit has changed since we first started talking foreal
I mean I was in my little situation and you was doing you still

But overtime finally its over and I sometimes imagine being with you soon
I know you not ready, but I’m also not stupid, I know foreal I’m already your boo
Know how I know cuz of that look in your face when I talk about anotha dude
I know you don’t be trying to hear it, I just like to see that look haha see I’m not trying to be rude

I don’t know what it is that entices me about you, why I grasp the time that we share
I’m feeling you and that’s on some real serious shit, but I know you don’t care
It’s only right cuz like everything that’s gone down I can’t blame you
I mean come on foreal now the nigga was really bangin on my door while you was laying on my bed in my room

But newayz lets talk about how you be carrying shit
Cuz you say what thing but your actions don’t always show it
You told me early on that the whole feelings shit is something you don’t do
But eventually without even telling me verbally I knew what the deal was with you

Come on think about it, do you really think the sex was better cuz I was high
I mean the pussy stay wet, its great not cuz of that but because of our vibe
Yo you feeling me more as time goes by, foreal that’s whats true
But its cool because as time goes by boo I be feeling you more too

Shits not serious and I feel comfortable in your arms Security Intelligence Sense of Humor, I’m taking notes
You remember everything I tell you, You be catching on and at the same time…still be having me on my toes
Now don’t let what I tell you go to your head, but its whats real
And because we cool I want to let you know how much I enjoy your company when we chill

But let me warn you if I get in kinda deep, it might become too late for you to change your mind
Cuz when I grasp that hold on you its no letting go not that you would want to, you not blind
Calling me shorty, I love to hear those words pour from your lips
But I like even more so being touched by your finger tips

And when I tell you that I want to be your Bonnie I’m not on no b-s
I think about being ride or die, but I’m glad you tell me I don’ t need to do that
Stuck in a fantasy, but willing to share many with you
Damn damn damn you know what you aint eva gonna be ready for me to be with you

Cuz being with Princess is like a illness without a cure
But you only will be able to handle it if you have strength and if you are mature
So boo when you get to that point you just gotta let me know for now I’m gonna just have to smile, but I still have hope but for now I gotta let you go

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