March 07, 2008


You’ve always been my baby and you know you will always be
It doesn’t matter how tall you get, you’ll always be a little cousin to me
At eight years old still I held you on my lap
Taught you how to play Vegas Dreams at 9 and Monopoly too as a matter of fact

But now look at you handsome, and talented in everything you do
Hard to believe that you are almost grown, you even have a mustache now too
One day you told me by the time you make it big I was going to be old and all
What I do know is no matter how old you get I hope you stay in touch and call

Though a large age gap does separate five years between you and me
Soon you’ll agree I’m not too much older, you may not know now, you’ll see
When that time comes do know that I’m hoping we’ll become more acquainted
As time goes by I know I might have outgrown you, but I am glad we are related

You will always be my favorite because we’ve still held a bond real close
There’s no one other than you I like beating in Monopoly the most
I love you Bran with all my heart
And that’s when we are together and even when we are apart

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